Road Trips

We Ran Away!

Curtis and I wanted to get away for the weekend, and the place that I booked after many hours of searching was in Eminence, Missouri. I booked a 3 nights stay at Echo Bluff State Park, and boy was it a GREAT idea! Due to things beyond our control, our trip dates got shifted, but …

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Osage County, Missouri

I just love spur-of-the-moment day trips, don’t you?! I have been working on a new website and really wanted to get a feel for the county so, over my morning coffee, I threw out the idea of going for a drive. We quickly grabbed our cameras and headed out the door because who doesn’t love …

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Epic Girl’s Weekend

What an epic girl’s weekend! Yes, that is the subject of this blog post. Last month, I hopped into the car and drove to Tennessee to meet up with 2 of the Sacred Six accountability group. The Sacred Six is a group of very powerful women who have known each other online for two years. …

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