GO TO BLU is your go to place for all things technology driven and community centered. We offer premium services and programs that will help your business grow to the next level.

Our Featured Software Systems

R2M2 Solutions

Powerfully Simple Reservation Software for Resorts, Campgrounds, Outfitters, Hot Springs and Spa Businesses.


The Ultimate Point of Sale System for Restaurants and Retail Stores that includes online ordering.


CRM tool that works directly within your website to send out newsletters, campaigns and other drip content.

BluTrails - GPS Tracking

Introducing BluTrails, a GPS Tracking Service. Are you an Outfitting business or a State Park with floating, trail rides, ATV trails, or hiking? Blu Trails is perfect for you to manage the location of your customers. Using the GPS service on their mobile device, you can give your customers a customized map made by you and see their location. Have a floater that is missing? Using Blu Trails, you can determine their location and send help or assistance. As a user of Blu Trails, you can determine where you are at on the trails and maps by using waypoints. Want to find out how much farther you have until the end of the float? It’s easy to see your location using Blu Trails!

Our Core services

Software Development

We design and build new custom software applications that solve your toughest problems, fit seamlessly into your current processes and systems, and produce measurable results for your business.

Web Design

We provide scalable, tailored custom website design, website hosting, and support options depending on your requirements. Our team is always on hand to provide technical support.

Payment Solutions

We take a consultative approach to sales with each and every client. If the solution we have here is not what’s right for you, we’ll talk about that in person and work toward the best possible outcome.



Delivering solutions to businesses that are affordable, effective and integrated; thus, becoming an extension of your business development team. Because there’s no such thing as a team of one!