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across the world, we are united in our dedication to businesses.


We believe in working with businesses and communities to provide resources and facilitate a true community mindset.

GoToBlu is backed by a results-oriented, entrepreneurial team that provides services to help its clients achieve their business goals and maximize their efficiency.

BluPort is just one example of our desire to facilitate growth and community for your business. 

BluPort allows business owners the ability to manage contests, giveaways, coupons & even job postings from one profile.  The app is free to install for any user (iPhone & Android compatible) and creates an audience for you beyond your brick and mortar.  

Businesses using BluPort can manage their portfolio of fun via a web access portal and the app, tracking customer visits, coupon redemptions, and hiring new employees (to help manage the inevitable growth)!


— Our Mission

Delivering solutions to businesses that are affordable, effective and integrated; becoming an extension of their business development team.

— Our Vision

Working beside your team to identify problems, we provide solutions with the mindset of together we can. We believe that teamwork and camaraderie are the pathways to success.

— Our Story

GoToBlu is not a typical website because we believe that partnering with businesses and communities in a truly symbiotic relationship is the only way that trust, reliability, and efficiency can be maintained. We believe that strong relationships are essential to success!


Cities, Towns and Organizations


Designed to bring traffic to the doors of businesses, our apps are built with community in mind.

From our team to yours we invite you to explore more about BluApps.

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