Eureka.. We found it!

When you go to Eureka Springs for the weekend, you HAVE to make a corny blog post title about it!! It’s a given, right?! Anyway…..

A good friend told me that they were planning on staying at Beaver Lake for their anniversary and that I might like the area. So, of course, I had to get online and check it out. We immediately booked two nights at Beaver Lakefront Cabins for Labor Day weekend. Boy, we were happy we did!!

We drove to Eureka Springs on Thursday because we like to get to places before the crowds. As is our routine, we scout out and explore the town before we get settled in for the weekend.

I did my research beforehand and had a list of stops to check out in the area! Eureka Springs had already won us over as soon as we drove into town! Did you know there are 60 natural springs within the city limits?? No, we did not stop at all, but the ones we did were beautiful! Make sure you stop at The Grotto and Basin Spring Park.

We stopped at two other places before checking into our cabin: Razorback Fire Tower and Thorpe Chapel! Wow, is all I can say…..

Our cabin at Beaver Lakefront was called the Bluff Cabin. The views, the outdoor shower, the seclusion and the wildlife were unbelievable! It was the perfect getaway that we really needed!