Osage County, Missouri

I just love spur-of-the-moment day trips, don’t you?! I have been working on a new website and really wanted to get a feel for the county so, over my morning coffee, I threw out the idea of going for a drive. We quickly grabbed our cameras and headed out the door because who doesn’t love an adventure!

I pulled up the map to see exactly where Osage County was in Missouri and to plan our drive. We decided to drive the perimeter and headed out toward our first town called Meta. I was pleasantly surprised to find a coffee shop in this town that has a population of less than 300!

Natalie was the sweetest person ever and made me a delicious iced coffee! If you are in the area make sure you stop by and check out her restaurant. You won’t be disappointed! You can find her at Natalie’s Sandwich Shop. The building itself was the original hotel!

We had such a fun drive and stopped at so many different places but I am going to save most of it for the new website coming soon!