Pinterest: The modern day corkboard

Think of Pinterest works as a giant corkboard for all the ideas and products people like to save. Although it is often referred to as a social media channel, Pinterest is actually more of a search and discovery engine. People who use Pinterest are not just hoarders of ideas. They’re the ones who like to try new recipes, experiment with DIY projects, collect money-saving tips, and plan everything from remodels to purchases and parties.

While you might be thinking Pinterest is focused more on the consumer and NOT the business owner,  that’s not entirely true. Did you know that an incredible 55% of Pinterest users use the platform to find and shop for products? However, instead of answering questions like you would be doing on other social media platforms, using Pinterest for business means you should be pinning things that are related to your industry and commenting on people’s pins when necessary.

I’ll be showing you some ideas on how you can use content to convert visitors into new clients and leads but first let’s answer the question, should I even be worrying about Pinterest? If your audience isn’t on Pinterest, then there’s no need to spend a lot of time there. In general, spend the most time where your audience hangs out online. Who is your audience? If you answered female 24-35 then go and run! Pinterest is definitely for you. Even if not, there might be a chance Pinterest could still work. Remember: women do influence a lot of purchasing decisions even if they’re not holding the credit card, so-to-speak.

When you close your eyes and picture your industry, do vivid and beautiful images come to mind? If so, then definitely yes — Pinterest is for you. Do you have a physical product to sell?

What are some “good fit” types of businesses for Pinterest?





*Trade Schools





*Wedding Planner/Event Planner

*Fitness Coach

But of course, don’t be limited to these.


As with every other platform the number one priority is to connect. How can you do this? By following people who love your topic, collaborating on niche boards and building a community with other pinners in your industry. Be authentic and show your passions! Be Consistent, daily activity is better than once a week flurry. Aim to keep your content well-organized in relevant boards, and save your ideas regularly, rather than all at once. It’s even okay to have multiple Pins that lead to the same webpage. In fact, it can be beneficial to save a variety of images that might appeal to different types of Pinners. Just make sure to add unique descriptions that are specific to each Pin—it’ll improve your SEO. It’s ok to pin your own stuff, but not too much. This is the same with all social networks. Self promotion is ok, but it is a 2-way dialogue. Use the 80/20 rule. 80% of others content, with 20% of your own. That should suffice. Don’t be a spammer – Don’t pin bad content! You will be ostracized. Have fun and good luck Pinning!