BluDPS Help

Installing BluDPS

Installing should take under a minute following these instructions.

You’ll be processing payments with BluDPS in no time!

  1. Download from the URL provided
  2. Run the Installer 
  3. Open BluDPS from the system tray
  4. Navigate to Settings
  5. Place the access key provided in the access key field
  6. Set the IP of the terminal in use 
  7. For testing purposes select ‘no’ to run at startup.  A live environment may wish for ‘yes’.. 

Accessing the Web Portal

BluDPS provides the ability to process payments from a terminal and manage them from the web.  Following is an overview of our application. 

Your Dashboard reflects current metrics of your payments. 

To process payments from the web, navigate to the process payment tab. 
Enter criteria.
Process Your Payment!

To schedule payments, select an original sale and click the schedule payment button. 
Here you’ll be able to schedule recurring payments for customers via their stored card data. 

Processing Voids or refunds begins by locating the original transaction. 
If the payments are not settled, the VOID option will appear.  
If the payments are settled, the REFUND option will appear.
Once processed, you’ll locate the transactions in the REFUNDS/VOIDS tab.

For locating Failed Transactions, navigate to the corresponding tab.  
Transactions will be visible there w/ the customers information.